1h to take-off

Internet, email, PDF, digital signatures; electronic data transfer has simplified many things and made many activities superfluous. What it cannot replace, though, is the personal signature. And sometimes that is still required...

In such cases, when circumspection and time are of the essence, then you should be calling us. The tight network of airports all over Europe enables us to rapidly effect delivery even to places that regular airlines don't fly to at all.

Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG)

Operating, servicing and repairing aircraft costs a great deal, a plane on the ground costs money and does not earn any. We can assist in minimising any downtime costs you might incur by getting the parts you need to where you want them within hours of having received your order - and at a reasonable price.

Just in time

Every day this happens all across Europe: Rolling stock travelling on congested roads cannot make it to a manufacturing plant on time. Downtime and breakdown or cancellation costs can be avoided if timely decisions are made to transport the required parts by airfreight.

A case for JETKONTOR

With an aircraft sourced from our Europe-wide pool of highly reliable airfreight companies, we are able to solve your freight problem, regardless of the size, the weight, or the unwieldy bulkiness of the wares that need to be transported. In this way we can help avoid impending losses.

Give us a try - you will be delighted.