The call from Holland came just after half past two in the morning. The caller said that a team of surgical recovery doctors was about to remove a heart from a donor in the De Sionsberg Hospital in Dokkum, a small town in northern Holland. The recipient was waiting in Munich and while Dokkum didn't have an airport, Leeuwaarden, some 20 kilometres away, had a small landing strip. And then the caller got to the point: "When can you be here to pick up the recovery team and the heart and take them to Munich?"

Ambulance flights are time critical

The time between removing an organ and transplanting it into a recipient cannot exceed four hours. During this short window of time, organs often have to be transported across huge distances. This is when reliable, efficient flight planning and execution become absolutely crucial, because a heart that is late may cost a life.

When you book an ambulance flight, you book trust

You book trust in the pilots' flying skills, because he who takes off first is not always fastest. Many other factors play a role: the weather, the flight altitude, the situation at your destination, the time spent taxiing … From boarding a plane at the departure airport to deplaning at the destination a professional cockpit crew can be fully half an hour quicker when flying from Hamburg to Munich than a less experienced crew.

JETKONTOR are among Europe's most experienced ambulance fliers

Our team is ready to spring into action at all hours. And we are the fastest. No more than 60 minutes after having confirmed your order, our team is ready for you at any European airport of your choice. Ready for take-off, that is, and what's more, we promise safe and punctual arrival.

Medical care prior, during and after the flight is provided upon request by Dr. med. Christine Götte, an utmost experienced travel and tropic physician.