We can make time for you

Make, like in create. We can fly when you want to fly because we operate from the detached business terminal and don't have to deal with delays. Our passengers make it to their conference in Moscow on time, have lunch with their business partners in London, hop over to Paris in the afternoon, and are back at home in the evening.

We are at your disposal

We are ready 24/7, as the saying goes, or all day, every day. We are there for you when time is money, when an unexpected event requires exceptional service, or in case of an emergency. That is why we can guarantee that within an hour after we have received your confirmed order, our plane will be parked in front of the terminal, ready for take-off.

Stars, business people, VIPs

Over the years, JETKONTOR has won the trust of many a business flier. We have flown Hollywood stars travelling across Europe to promote their latest films, sports greats needing to make the TV sports round-up following an important match, politicians debating and analysing the day's events on the evening's talk shows. Managers who have to rush to numerous meetings at locations that are great distances apart put their trust in our reliability. Royalty relies on our discretion. Our clientele naturally also includes private individuals or families who prefer travelling in the greatest comfort. The endless check-in queues, the waiting at security, the hustle when boarding - our passengers know none of this.

Executive flights

We take you to your appointments.
Anywhere in Europe


Travel fast, unobserved and privately.

1h to take-off

We can be off the ground within an hour.
24 hours, every day.